Photo of Peter Sessions

Peter S. Sessions is a senior associate at Kantor & Kantor who has been with the firm since 2004. Peter represents individual clients seeking health, life, and disability benefits, typically under employee health plans.

Salim v. Louisiana Health Serv. & Indem. Co., No. 22-30573, __ F. App’x __, 2023 WL 3222804 (5th Cir. May. 3, 2023) (Before Circuit Judges Higginbotham, Southwick, and Willett)

The three words no patient ever wants to hear from his or her health insurer are “not medically necessary.” These words can turn a lifesaving

Nothing exceptional caught your editors’ eye this week, but there were several interesting decisions nonetheless. Read on to learn about a nearly $1 million award in a termination gone wrong (Beryl v Navient), a deep dive into what constitutes a top hat plan (Kramer v. AEP), and a Third Circuit decision

Ruessler v. Boilermaker-Blacksmith Nat’l Pension Tr. Bd. of Trs., No. 21-3876, __ F. 4th __, 2023 WL 2750829 (8th Cir. Apr. 3, 2023) (Before Circuit Judges Shepherd, Kelly, and Grasz)

In ERISA disability benefit cases, the issue of Social Security always looms large. Its most direct effect is usually on the calculation of benefits