Medical Benefit Claims

Ian C. v. UnitedHealthcare Ins. Co., No. 22-4082, __ F. 4th __, 2023 WL 8408199 (10th Cir. Dec. 5, 2023) (Before Circuit Judges Bacharach, Phillips, and Eid)

Thanks largely to the efforts of Brian S. King, an attorney representing plaintiffs in Salt Lake City, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has recently been at

K.D. v. Anthem Blue Cross, No. 2:21-cv-343-DAK-CMR, 2023 WL 6147729 (D. Utah Sep. 20, 2023) (Judge Dale A. Kimball)

Despite Congress’ clear and repeated attempts to eliminate disparities in the treatment of mental health and addiction claims when compared to other kinds of claims for medical benefits, ERISA plaintiffs have had only rare success