Disability Benefit Claims

Ruessler v. Boilermaker-Blacksmith Nat’l Pension Tr. Bd. of Trs., No. 21-3876, __ F. 4th __, 2023 WL 2750829 (8th Cir. Apr. 3, 2023) (Before Circuit Judges Shepherd, Kelly, and Grasz)

In ERISA disability benefit cases, the issue of Social Security always looms large. Its most direct effect is usually on the calculation of benefits

Tekmen v. Reliance Standard Life Ins. Co., No. 20-1510, __ F.4th __, 2022 WL 17725720 (4th Cir. Dec. 16, 2022) (Before Circuit Judges Wynn, Harris, and Keenan)

ERISA is famously vague on a great number of issues, and one of those is how benefit disputes should be resolved. Fortunately, the Department of Labor has