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ERISA Watch, a podcast hosted by Kantor & Kantor partner Elizabeth Hopkins, will feature the stories of individuals whose lives have been dramatically affected, and show why ERISA matters.

From our show host, partner Elizabeth Hopkins: “I decided to start this podcast because most people have never heard of ERISA, even though it may have a significant impact on their lives. ERISA is the statute that governs employment-related healthcare, disability, life insurance and pension plans. And even though judges and lawyers have heard of ERISA, they tend to think of ERISA cases as dull and technical. To the contrary, these cases raise some of the most important issues of our day. And at the heart of all these cases are stories about real people who hope to be treated fairly at critical junctures in their lives.”

The episodes will cover stories such as:

  • How the healthcare system functions (or fails to function)
  • Can we count on an income if we become disabled?
  • How we treat (or fail to treat) those suffering from mental illnesses and addiction
  • Whether we can retire in security
  • And more