Photo of Elizabeth Hopkins

Elizabeth Hopkins is a partner at Kantor & Kantor. After a long and fulfilling career at the United States Department of Labor, where she gained substantial experience working on pension, healthcare, and other ERISA issues, she joined the firm in 2018.

It was a slow week in ERISA-land, as the courts presumably continue to recover from December and January vacations.

Read on for summaries of this week’s cases, which include a potential class action challenge to Hartford’s disability benefit claims handling (McQuillin v. Hartford), another skirmish in the battle between employees and employers over

Curtis v. Aetna Life Ins. Co., No. 3:19-cv-01579-MPS, 2023 WL 34662 (D. Conn. Jan. 4, 2023) (Judge Michael P. Shea)

In this week’s notable decision, Judge Michael P. Shea applied a “somewhat-novel doctrine of ‘class standing’” to significantly limit claims in an ERISA healthcare coverage class action against Aetna Life Insurance Company. This application